I recently joined print site Society6, and there’s free shipping on all orders until Sunday. So if you’re still mulling it over, now may be the time to snatch up a large Anibet print. My shop is here.They do more than prints; there’s iPhone/iPod skins and t-shirts as well.I kinda like them more than Etsy.


  1. me too. less hassle.
    but i don’t know who is buying all these art prints really…


    1. callmecaitlin

      I wonder about that too, especially when unlike Etsy, you can’t see the number of sales made. But I guess it’s better to just have all of my bases covered…


      1. yeah thats a little weird that we can’t, but I imagine its a new site so it probably takes a while.


  2. Oh i found out you can see your sales – you go into account on the hot menu drop down


    1. callmecaitlin

      Aha, I see it now. Thanks!


  3. looks interesting – thanks


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