Jon Snow, pt. II

You guys, I’m so terrible with Photoshop that it’s not even funny. I aspire to be able to complete a project, start to finish, using the program; but right now, it’s just a very expensive color correction tool. But a few weeks ago, illustrator Ryan Andrews posted a step-by-step that got my brain juices flowing. I had to try out his technique for myself.

Here’s what I started with:

And here’s what I made using his tutorial:

Success! I now know how to do something with Photoshop besides adjusting an image’s saturation.

PS on 9/20:

I can’t leave things well enough alone and played with the painting a bit more.

And I like it so much I’ve made it available as a print!


  1. hey thats a neat little trick!


    1. callmecaitlin

      I know, right? So much fun.


  2. I like how that came out!


  3. That is soooo cool! So minimal too yet the effect looks amazing.


    1. callmecaitlin

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m planning on playing around with it a bit more, it’s a pretty fun technique to fuss with.


  4. I really like the way you’ve used negative space. Also the movement in there is effective. Did you make an original sketch and insert it into Photoshop?


    1. callmecaitlin

      Thanks! Yep, it’s an ink painting I did few months ago. And then the colors are added in Photoshop.


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