Ozma and Jane

The time has come- I can finally show you guys the piece I did for Light Grey Art Lab’s GIRLS: Fact + Fiction show! I present to you, Princess Ozma of Oz.


Here’s a close-up:


The other work in the show is amazing, such as Julia Brion’s Josephine Baker and Mildred Louis’ Marie Curie. You can see all 106 paintings here. The show goes up next Friday in Minneapolis, So if you live in the area, I urge you to check it out and say hello! I should also mention that Art Lab is running a promotion until the 7th- any orders of $100 or more on anything from their shop will have a free copy of the GIRLS show book thrown in. Because they’re cool like that.

I also have a (somewhat blurry) look at my next project; a small series of paintings based on Jane Eyre, but with a bit of a supernatural twist…


Keep an eye out, as I’ll be posting more updates up until the grand unveiling in January!


    1. Thanks! I never really thought about it, but Beauty and the Beast and Jane Eyre actually have quite a bit in common…

  1. I love the Ozma painting. The Oz books are such fertile ground for sparking the creative imagination. I actually did an ink drawing of Dorothy and friends that hangs on my kids’ bedroom wall. Ivd been meaning to do a related drawing of the witches. I love the textures you have created in the lion’s fur and mane, Ozma’s hair and the liquid-like pool of fabric of her skirt.

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