Wolf Pack

I’ve been pretty distracted lately as my own personal wolf pack has grown. But friendships and relationships have been on my mind lately, so here’s an unending sea of wolves, a tight knit pack.


First, laying out the grid and drawing the wolves…


Starting to paint!


The painting ended up a little too big to fit comfortably on my scanner. I always keep my fingers crossed when photomerging things- sometimes Photoshop messes up spectacularly.


And after adding some color, we have a wolf pack! I’ve been loving all the indigo dyed/chambray pieces of clothing I’ve seen floating around lately, and wanted to try and get that beautiful deep blue. Maybe I’ll just have to print this on some fabric and make myself something cool…


  1. i LOVE this! tessellation has always been one of my favorite things. when i saw your wolves, they put a big smile on my face. well done =D


  2. Oh my God I LOVE the wolf pack! I have been looking for a cover illustration for my zine of short stories with a lustful fairytale theme … as in the wolf and little red are lovers. I once loved a wolf … it is my metaphor for the fact that he had schizophrenia. he was wild, unpredictable but then sweet and passionate. Can we talk about me using it?


    1. callmecaitlin

      Hi Lorese! We should definitely talk, if you’re still looking for a cover! My email is caitlin.clarkson@gmail.com


  3. spaghettisquiggles

    This is so cool! It’s incredible how each wolf has it’s own personality 🙂


  4. Very nice! 😀


  5. woow I Love this!! 🙂


  6. […]              1. Face  2. A Painter’s Tools  3. Wolf Pack […]


  7. Many kind of wolfs face, describe many character too.


    1. callmecaitlin

      Thank you!


  8. Fabulous, watching from the start to finish. Very good.


  9. This is lovely!


  10. juliecourtois2014

    Oh My God that’s wonderful !I can’t believe how talented you are.


    1. Thanks so much for your comments Julie!


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