Jewelry Box

I’ve been on a gem kick lately. It started when my boyfriend and I decided to get membership passes to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Every time we visit, there’s one spot I have to go- past the oarfish and the coelacanth, tucked away in the back of the mineral hall, are a few cases with raw and cut gems, side by side. There’s something wonderful about being able to see them together, the rough dramatic shapes and the smooth polished ones, each beautiful in their own ways. The last time we went I photographed my favorites, and settled back in at home to paint them.


I like them as stand alone pieces, but also wanted to try putting them together. I also went back and added plaques around their names.

ImageAnd I liked that so much, I went ahead and made patterns out of them.Image



Bigger pictures of the repeats can be seen here. I had my swatches printed on a super soft, silky fabric. I just wish I was better at sewing, I’d made myself a gem dress in a heartbeat. And probably wear it to the museum.





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  2. love this set of gems – lovely.


  3. These are wonderful-I love them!!

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  4. This is an absolutely amazing idea. I can’t wait to try it, you’ve definitely got a fan here! I look forward to your posts šŸ™‚ I also have a blog at , I hope you can check it out!


  5. Lovely illustration!


  6. I love the set with the blue tint to them.


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    Great set of paintings…


  8. sylviasaupe

    These are beautifull illustrations of gem stones! Well done!


  9. juliecourtois2014

    Very Nice!


  10. These are beautiful!


    1. Thank you! You have some very inspiring things on your blog!

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