Every once in a while, I get a yearning to make something more…. 3D than a painting. Not that painting isn’t wonderful, but it’s also a great feeling to make something tactile, something made to be touched. It’s why I printed up those tote bags a few weeks ago. But I wanted to go even further. I wanted to make something from scratch, like I used to. When I was in high school, and for a bit in college, I made little stuffed animals out of felt. Apples, mermaids, foxes, pet rocks, goldfish, all sorts of things. And I’ve missed the feeling of drafting a pattern, cutting out the pieces, and putting them together. Hence, there little guys.







Little leather cat wallets! I’ve had so much fun figuring out the double needle sewing technique, painting the eyes on, experimenting with different kinds of leather from the local supply shop. And I have plans for other little critters up my sleeves.


  1. So cute! Clever idea.


  2. Hannah Kubiak

    These are absolutely lovely!


  3. I think I actually love these. I would totally buy one if it was a cute little shoulder bag ^.^ Just adorable.


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