Send In The Hounds

After a post dedicated to cats, I decided it was time to let the dogs have their day in the sun. On my desk, at least.

As much as I love drawing highly stylized, brightly colored animals, I also want to get better at drawing them a bit more realistically. I guess these guys are still very stylized, but not as much as, say, here. I decided to tackle smaller dogs, but I’d like to try drawing bigger dogs in the future as well. Maybe a greyhound or Irish setter. Or a St. Bernard.


First up is a Pembroke Corgi, based loosely on one of my parents’ dogs (yes, I am lucky enough to get to hang out with a pair of corgis when I visit my family, as if visiting family wasn’t awesome enough already). I love their oversized ears! For the longest time my drawing didn’t look right, until I made the ears bigger than I thought realistic. But that’s exactly what he needed, larger-than-life ears!


Second, a Pekingese. I am a huge fan of these little guys, with their flowing locks and little waddling steps. In my opinion, they have one of the greatest origin stories for a breed of dogs- they were bred to look like Chinese lions, and would be kept hidden in peoples’ sleeves, ready to jump out and bite anyone wicked!

frenchbulldog_smallThird is an adorable little French bulldog pup. I don’t know much about these guys, other than the fact that they’re pretty stinkin’ cute.

I’m hoping to use these guys in an upcoming project, so hopefully I’ll have more doggy things to share soon!


  1. Bark Bark Bark Bark


    1. Who doesn’t love a great illustration, especially of a dog! Reminds me of the dogs in storybooks that I read growing up! What inspired your unique style for these cute canines I wonder!!


  2. Wonderful drawings! – I’m a big dog person, who happens to own a German Shepherd whose housemate is a precocious Dachshund named Mojo…the little guys wrap their little tails around one’s heart.
    AnnMarie 🙂


  3. My Kind Closet

    so darn cute! LOVE the Frenchie =)


  4. realism is totes overated. i love your stylised illustrations.


  5. Reblogged this on MammalTime.


  6. creo que es super importante que las ilustraciones o distintas creaciones ,tengan el toque personal, algo propio del autor, te felicito


  7. Superb images of dogs, have you done a Norwegian Elkhound or a Collie (we have one with a curly tail)


  8. French bulldogs are such little cuties with their wise, but innocent faces. Love!


  9. Adorable illustrations! There must be a deep research before drawing 🙂 Thanks for sharing such lovely one!


  10. SO cute, love the bulldog!


  11. I love these drawings, as I have already said but we would like to nominate you for the versatile blogger award, if you haven’t already acquired it simply because I enjoy looking at your drawings and appreciate your talent, even the cats. For details on it you can find them on


  12. Cute illustrations 🙂 i love the frenchie super cute 🙂


  13. Great illustrations – try a beagle they are mental!!!!!


  14. Damn, they are cute!!


  15. pianocoversbysamantha



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