Changing Seasons

The weather hasn’t started changing yet, not really (I think it hit 90 degrees yesterday) but I can’t help but get excited when the fall season approaches. It’s not just about the cooler weather; it’s the changing colors of the trees and subtle shifts of the sunlight as the days grow shorter and the sun doesn’t climb quite as high.

One thing that always heralds the start of autumn for me is the way decorative pumpkins and gourds seem to magically appear at all the local grocery stores. It’s small, but somehow evocative of successful harvests and things coming to a close as the summer winds down.

I wanted to pay tribute to these strange plants, with their large variety of colors and shapes (one is specifically based off of a little gourd currently occupying my coffee table). And with any luck, I’ll soon be digging my cozy sweaters out of the closet and enjoying everything fall has to offer!

One thought on “Changing Seasons

  1. Changing weather from season to another gives a clearer and more beautiful and wonderful picture about the truth of time that we are living on this planet, Earth.

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