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Time to Refresh

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we’re more than 24 hours into December, I feel like the year is finally starting to truly draw to a close. It’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite. It gives us all a chance to celebrate and reflect on the previous 12 months, of course. But then we get the more exciting prospect of imagining and planning for the next 12 months.

Hitting ‘refresh’, as it were.

Maybe it’s a little early to start thinking about this, but who doesn’t approach this season with hopes for the spring to follow? Maybe it has something to do with the rain we’ve had lately, washing away some of the dust and making all of the plants perk up a little. My hopes are usually the same- try to balance work and the rest of my life better, find more time to do what really matters, and streamline necessary mundanities. Maybe I will make progress with these goals, maybe I won’t. But at least now is the time to plan, and more importantly, really try.

One of my goals last year was to learn to use digital tools in my art making more. Part of this was out of necessity (my apartment is maybe a little too small to accommodate a desk and work table) but also to learn to make designs for silk screening.

Have you started thinking about what your goals for the next year are? What are you most looking forward to achieving or making headway with?

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