The South Pasadena Arts Crawl

I recently got the opportunity to make this season’s South Pasadena Arts Crawl poster! I love that the posters are always done by local artists, and a great variety of art is always featured. After a little brainstorming back and forth with the art director, we hit upon this idea- something that celebrates women’s history month, an exciting nighttime procession, and, my personal favorite bit, a nod to the Olympic Games white tiger mascot. Each element was painted separately in black and white ink, then put together and colored in Photoshop. It’s like the next evolution of the process I…

Jungle Cat

Tigers are one of my favorite things to draw. As are plants. So why did it take me this long to combine the two?   I started by painting the tiger and his environment separately in black and white, then put them together in Photoshop. Add some color, and there it is!